The 8th Continent

Rick and Evie Lane are determined to transform the Great Pacific Garbage Patch—a real life pile of floating garbage—into an eighth continent, using a special formula developed by their father. It'll be a place without any of the stuff that annoys them, like schools that give early dismissals instead of snow days, adults who hog armrests at movie theaters, friends' moms who won't let them sit in the front seats of their cars, boys who don't use deodorant, girls who wear too much glitter, parents who think that kids don't know what they're talking about, and other pesky problems facing the original seven continents. It won't be easy. But it'll be so worth it.

"Fast-paced action, cool inventions and remarkable robots combine for an auspicious opener."

"...good fun in the tradition of M. T. Anderson's Pals in Peril series."

Welcome to the Jungle
The 8th Continent (Book 2)

When robots from the villainous Condo Corp crash into Rick and Evie's eighth continent, a fatal oversight in the building process is revealed: the land mass was never anchored to the ocean floor! Now, the continent is sent barreling toward the coast of Australia, thrusting Rick and Evie's dreams, 23 million people, and countless plants and animals into jeopardy. If Rick and Evie are ever to get their family back together and have a continent to run—and not run after—they must find a way to root their beloved paradise to the Earth's crust. Or else everything that they built will go pow like Pangaea!

Born to Be Wild
The 8th Continent (Book 3)


Rick and Evie Lane believe that the eighth continent will be theirs to rule forever. There's just one problem: global rule-maker Winterpole won't let anyone move there!

Now, the Lane family must rush to create hospitals, homes, schools, and (shocker!) government buildings to prove that their continent is fit for human habitation. But the Lanes aren't the only ones engaged in this race for space. Condo Corp secret CEO Vesuvia Piffle recognizes this as her opportunity to finally snag the eighth continent for herself. If she can knock down enough of the Lanes' buildings and construct perfect, pink, plastic ones in her image, the eighth continent might just finally be hers to make all sugary sweet and spider-free.

The Lanes will need to use every resource at their disposal to ensure that their precious eighth continent remains as natural—and wild—as they are. Just as it was born to be.

We Built This City
The 8th Continent (Book 4)


In the final action-packed adventure of this series perfect for fans of the Seven Wonders and the Candy Shop War series, Rick and Evie Lane are in an epic battle to take back the eighth continent!

The Lane siblings have done the impossible and they finally have control of the eighth continent. But before the Lanes can finish building their dream city, shadowy corporation Mastercorp shows up with a terrifying weapon: the Anti-Eden Compound, which has the power to instantly turn anything into stinking garbage.

Now, it's Lanes vs. Mastercorp in an all-out war that will take the siblings from the coldest depths of the ocean to the thickest parts of the jungle. And with evil Mastercorp agents, bullying robot boys, and pesky Winterpole agents on their tails, it's only a matter of time before the Lanes have to make an impossible choice: risk losing their beloved home or unite with their arch enemy Vesuvia Piffle.

In this exciting conclusion to the 8th Continent series, Rick and Evie Lane must rely on every resource they have to save the city — and the home — that they've built together.